Verma Injury Lawyers are proud to sponsor and work closely with the following organizations:


The York Regional Police’s Road Watch Program is a community-based initiative that addresses dangerous and aggressive driving practices such as speeding, unsafe lane changes, disobeying traffic lights and stop signs.

In operation since 2008, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation formally recognized the Road Watch program for dedication and commitment to community safety. It’s important that we all work together to make the roads safer for everyone, because a good accident is the one you never have.


Accident Awareness Inc., a not for profit corporation devoted to the prevention of motor vehicle collisions through public awareness and education, including attending school programs, community based events and conferences.

Founded in 2002, Accident Awareness Inc. is committed to educating the public to the dreadful realities of fatal motor vehicle collisions, how quickly they can occur and the grim aftermath that always accompanies these tragedies.  They achieve this objective through professional expert presenters, innovative crash displays, digital presentations, videos and large exhibition shows.  Being proactive, aware and responsible while driving is the key in creating a safe driving environment for everyone. 

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Verma Injury Lawyers' participation in the 2012 Richmond Hill's Taste of the Hill event was a success in promoting safe driving and attracted thousands of local residents, Federal MP's, Ministers and other government officials. 

Accident Awareness'  crash display drew in crowds of all ages including children, teenagers and the elderly and promoted an extremely powerful safety message.   

 Road Watch hands out flashlights courtesy of Verma Injury Lawyers to help promote it's message.   

Federal MP. Costas Menagakis acknowledges the York Regional Police and Accident Awareness' hard work during this event.

The combined displayed spanned over 60 feet and made a distinct presence at this years event.