Product Liability

As consumers, we have come to expect products that we buy to be safe and regulated. But when a product turns out to be defective or dangerous, you could end up with serious mental and physical injuries. It is not uncommon for people to be seriously burned, disfigured, or killed by defective products or improperly installed and maintained items. Personal possessions, homes, and cars can also be damaged or destroyed by smoke, fire and explosions that are caused by malfunctioning products.

Every manufacturer is required to clearly outline anything potentially harmful, risky or dangerous about their product. Retailers and distributors are also responsible to ensure the products on store shelves are completely safe. That means that the consumer may be entitled to money compensation if a product causes harm or loss.

At Verma Injury Lawyers, we represent people who have had their homes destroyed or have been seriously injured or killed by dangerous and defective products. We work with structural and civil engineers, forensic and mechanical engineers, fire investigators, reconstruction specialists, building science and constructions specialists, chemical engineers, etc., all in an effort to determine the cause of the damage, who is responsible, and to get you the most compensation for your injury or loss.

If you or a person you know has been injured as a result of the above incidents and you wish to know your rights, you need to hire the right lawyers to fight for you.

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